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Isoparaffins are very clean and odourless solvents with a very low pour point.  Commonly known as IsohexadecaneiC16, Isoeicosane iC20, Isododecane iC12 and other widly used brands.

Heavy Alkylates are used mainly as low priced synthetic lubricants, in heat transfer fluids as sulfonation components and in the  leather processing segment. We have access to various grades and  viscosities.

N-Paraffin from C6 / C7 to C10-C13 and C14-C17/C18 is used in various applications within the  barbeque liquids, Grillstarters and Lampoil. We have access to various grades and qualities with either low aromatics and clear brite colour -  to yellow pale with up to 5000 ppm aromatic contend


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